PROTEC VCI FE is a standard paper that protects iron and
steel against rust even in the most humid climatic conditions.
There are various weight of paper for different applications.  

PROTEC VCI CU is a special paper for protection of copper,
brass and bronze.  It should not be used for lead or magnesium
alloys.  This product keeps copper bright and protects against
oxidation and discolouration caused by hydrogen sulphide.

PROTEC VCI AL is a special development which combats water
stains and corrosion on aluminium.  Puts an end to white

PROTEC VCI MM is a universal VCI paper.  In addition to iron
and steel, it protects non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass,
bronze, chrome, aluminium, tin-plate and many other alloys.

PROTEC VCI SIL is a special coated paper which absorbs
hydrogen sulphide and sulphur dioxide, it stops the
discolouration of metals.  Gold, Silver, Platinium and other
noble metals which are used in the electronics, aerospace and
glass industries.  It remains bright and oxidation-free for years if
protected with PROTEC VCI SIL.


PROTEC VCI MM Powder is pure corrosion inhibitor in a form
of Powder designed to protect iron, steel, copper, brass,
bronze, aluminium and many other metals.  It is placed inside
the packaging of metal components or parts.

PROTEC VCI MM Tablet is a tablet compressed from
PROTEC VCI UNI-S.  It is ideal for automated packing of metal
components or parts in PE bags but also offers excellent
corrosion protection in cartons or crates.


PROTEC VCI SOLUTION is designed for the protection of bulk
goods such as nails, screws, needles, etc and is applied by
dipping or spraying.  Pack moldings can incorporate VCI in PU
or Polystyrene and thus form a corrosion inhibiting shipping
unit for sensitive metals.

PROTEC VCI OIL is used undiluted as a corrosion protection
additive in gasoline, diesel, hydraulic oils, etc. It protects fuel
tanks, storage tanks, drums, gearboxes, crankcases, clutch
housings and compressors.


PROTEC VCI MM Film is a PE film which contains a
combination of VCI-inhibitors for the protection of iron, steel,
copper, brass, bronze and other metals.  It protects metals
through direct contact and vapor actions.  The VCI vaporizes
and then settles on the metal surface, protecting also hard to
reach areas such as drill holes, crevices, etc.